The Phoenix. Ethereal. Ageless.

A mythical beast of such splendor that the Sun-God Apollo himself would stop his chariot each dawn just to listen to its long and beautiful song. Its greatest feat, however, lies not in its beauty but in its unique ability to rise again.

This forms the ethos of our company; regeneration, resurgence, the belief that at any point you can change your life and that a healthier body and mind forges a healthier and happier you.

Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa, that serves the Sandton, Rivonia, Morningside, Woodmead, Sunninghill, Fourways and Bryanston areas. Founded by Professional Fitness and Life Coach Muhammad Zubi, the brand embodies our human need for change and growth. This desire for renewal and awakening, symbolised by the bold and fiery phoenix rising from its ashes, is captured by a distinctive and unique set of fitness and life coaching services that offer premium training and coaching to effectively assist our clients in reaching their goals.

Whether you want to sculpt or lose weight or improve cognitive and conditioning levels for sport; whether you want to attain strength or improve your capacity to physically endure; whether you want to have fun and move and exult in the expression of your body and mind; whether you want to change your career and break through the obstacles standing in your path, at Phoenix Fit Life™ we empower you with the skills to take control of your life again and set a new course, a path that is authentically, unmistakably you.

The Phoenix Fit Life Difference

One of the most intriguing things about the Phoenix is that in every depiction, it is surrounded by flame yet untouched by it. It embraces its fire. It embraces its end knowing that with its expiration it rises younger, brighter, bigger, stronger. This is what drives us, what gives us the X-factor. We embrace fire and change and know how to get you the results you need to grow, learn, become. We also approach our business a little differently to other fitness and life coaching institutions.

  • Superior Material: Our qualifications and professional sporting background and experience have provided us with the knowledge to meticulously select and obtain the finest materials, sourcing training and coaching techniques that utilise the latest trends and methods to assist our clients in rapidly and effectively achieving their goals.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Created in a professional and beautifully designed environment, our highly qualified team of trainers and coaches then utilize their abilities to craft these materials into quality programs and sessions that effectively help you overcome your challenges, whether they be body, mind or life.

  • Multi-Skilled Staff: As our staff are multi-skilled, they understand the synergy between the customer and the product, between the body and the mind. When both are in harmony, real lasting benefit and change can occur. You will find this ideology in all your experiences with us, regardless of what package you select.

  • A Client for Life: Our staff are trained to understand your value and that our growth and success is merely a reflection of how we treat you and the service that you experience. Once you step into our doors we consider you a client for life and strive to provide a customer service that matches our passion and desire for excellence.

  • Powerful Network of Professionals: From Sports Massage to Pilates, from Physicians to Psychologists, we work with a great network of like-minded professionals that have the skills to augment our services and assist you in surmounting your particular challenges.

  • Results. Full Stop. Simply, we get damn fine results and that is one of the main reasons our clients keep coming back for more.

Your Time to Rise is Now!

When you love what you do, when passion is your motivation and the success of others your pleasure, it is pretty damn easy to go to work.

That is what we are at Phoenix Fit Life. We consider ourselves one of the exceptions and we believe that a healthy body, mind and life are all a manifestation of the effort you make in taking responsibility and care for it. We help you to understand this concept and guide you into harnessing your potential and forge a body, mind and spirit that radiates with power and blazes in the face of challenge and adversity.

You have the power to shape your life’s journey. Contact us when you are ready to start yours.

Sincerely Yours

Muhammad I.Y. Zubi
Founder • Executive Member • Coach


Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa, and is founded by Professional Fitness and Life Coach Muhammad Zubi.

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