Long Term Training Packages

Longer term training is for clients who want to change their lifestyle and life and are looking for a rich and rewarding longer term experience. Our long term packages offer you a premium service that finds the perfect balance between keeping you motivated, having fun and reaching your goals.

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Like the vast wings of the Phoenix about to strike down and charge into the sky, there is a roiling reservoir of power rumbling within you, waiting to be unleashed. Developed for guiding amateur and professional athletes to significantly improving all the components pertinent to their desired goals and sporting discipline, this package is focused on developing the requisite physical, mental and technical skills for maximal high-end performance.

Private Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Partnered Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Troupe Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Athlete is suitable for individuals seeking:
-Improvements to their sport-specific fitness, technical ability and conditioning
-Greater performance output
-Improvements to their current level of strength, power and agility
-Advanced, challenging and stimulating training sessions designed to improving their physique and sporting ability
-Improvements to their body composition, fat-lean %
-Discounted access to our methodical and highly effective athletic training programmes

Note: Athlete JNR is also available for aspiring young stars

This training package is augmented by an Eva Pro™ assessment and a meticulous system of monitory care that is designed to maximize performance and results.

Eva Pro™ Assessment Fee: R 800

As the Phoenix rises again, it recognizes that in order to discover the world anew, the first beat of its wing must be up toward the skies.

Private Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Partnered Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Troupe Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Arise is suitable for individuals seeking:
-Improvements to their general fitness and cross training conditioning
-To supplement their general weight loss or weight maintenance programs
-Dynamic functional and total body training
-General strength, core and physical endurance
-Cardio-respiratory and metabolic fitness

This training package is augmented by an Eva Standard™ assessment and an elementary system of monitory care that is designed to ensure the attainment of your elected training goals.

Eva StandardAssessment Fee: R 480

In every journey lies an obstacle in the distance, a seemingly insurmountable peak that represents both hope and fear at the prospect of what the world may look like beyond that great rise. But, how do we get there? How do we surmount it? And when we do, what do we actually want to find?

  • Weekly Session Fee
  • (over a committed period of 12 weeks)
Ascend is suitable for individuals seeking:
-Goal-orientated training
-Personal growth and change
-Improvement to body image
-Improvement to physical fitness, health and energy levels
-Stimulating training sessions designed to improve aesthetics and physique
-Tools to overcome challenges
-A space to interact and explore their inner world
-A long term training strategy that makes movement a valued part of their life
-Improvement to their physical and emotional resilience

This training and coaching package is augmented by an Eva Grow™ assessment and a system of monitory care that develops healthy self-esteem and a healthy body and mind.

Eva Grow™ Assessment Fee: R 850
Due to the high training frequency, this weekly amount has been discounted by R 220 from the actual overall weekly value of R 1 420.

As the Phoenix blazes back into life, it searches the horizons and finds itself arrested by desire, by the hunger to become more. With a greater focus on achieving equilibrium and personal excellence, this package is suitable for committed and goal-orientated individuals with the resources to bring balance and success to their body and lives.

Private Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Partnered Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Troupe Training
  • 1hr Total Session Fee
Surge is suitable for individuals seeking:
-Focused weight loss and weight management
-Improvements to their general fitness, total wellness and cross training conditioning
-Fusion Training designed to considerably improve all the components related to their physical fitness
-Highly tangible and specific fitness training
-Consistent and measured improvements to their cardio-respiratory and metabolic fitness levels
-Toning and sculpting of their physique
-Discounted access to our unique and highly individualized training programmes

This training package is augmented by an Eva Comprehensive™ assessment and a sensitive system of monitory care that is designed to inspire motivation, tangible growth and ultimately success.

Eva Comprehensive™ Assessment Fee: R 660

None of us get through this life untouched by the challenges of this world. Like the clipped wings of a bird that can no longer take flight, some of us feel powerless, stuck, unable to find meaning and our place in this great big world. Often, our self-esteem and the way we feel and think about ourselves is the catalyst to these negative feelings and events. From the partners we choose, to the jobs we work, to the dreams we dream, our self-esteem is rooted in the very fabric of our being and influences every aspect of our lives. Defined as the extent to which we perceive ourselves as valuable, competent and worthwhile, developing your self-esteem is an integral part to living a fulfilled life.

Utilizing an eclectic and practical therapeutic approach, our life coaching methodology helps you along this journey by providing you with the guidance and tools to effectively build yourself self-esteem and the elements in your life that require change and growth. By fostering a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, you raise your potential to overcome your challenges and live a life that is marked by your potential and driven by your vision and authenticity.

Adults - Individual
R650 / R600
  • First Consultation / Follow up Consultations
Couples - Family
R750 / R700
  • First Consultation / Follow up Consultations
Troupe Training
R600 / R4001hr
  • Private 1-1 / Self Esteem & Movement Training
Areas of Expertise
-Individual Therapy for Adults and Children
-Couples/Relationship Counselling
-Body Image
-Mental Coaching for Professional Athletes
-Building Self-Esteem and Communication skills in the Workplace
-Personal Growth and Career Change
-Supervision for Professional Coaches


Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa, and is founded by Professional Fitness and Life Coach Muhammad Zubi.

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