Our passion for change, authenticity, movement and life is reflected in our wide range of products and services. Currently, we have three niche areas of expertise:

Distilled from these core areas, our training and coaching packages are designed to suit your financial status, current lifestyle and personal commitment. From our struggles to our triumphs; from our jobs to our passions; from finely tuned athletes to home executives, to business professionals; our packages echo your personality and provide you with the platform to reach your goals and move your life in a direction that is authentic and meaningful.

Training & Coaching Packages

Each package represents a unique philosophy of training and incorporates a thorough, holistic and highly individualized approach.

Our packages come in four varieties

Short Term Training Package

Long Term Training Packages

Fitness Programmes


Dependent on your selection, packages are available in three training modes and require an initial assessment in order to gauge your current lifestyle patterns as well as health and fitness status.

Your three training modes are:

1) Private Training - All our resources are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to personal excellence. Selecting this mode entitles you to a devoted coach with one singular purpose, your success. This mode is suitable for individuals who value their privacy and wish for an enhanced private training experience

2) Partnered Training - Selecting this mode also entitles you to a devoted coach, except that you share your session with 1 or 2 partners who aspire to similar goals. This mode is suitable for individuals who enjoy a more intimate social experience, as well as the added motivation and fun that may be derived from training with a partner.

3) Group Training - Our group training mode is for 4 or more people and is suitable for gregarious individuals seeking the fun, motivation and camaraderie of a large group session.

Note: ThePartnered and Group Training modes are subject to participant availability.


Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa, and is founded by Professional Fitness and Life Coach Muhammad Zubi.

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