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Short Term Packages
  • From getting fit for your wedding to learning to get fit and ride a motorcycle, we make or training fun, innovative and affordable.
Long Term Packages
  • Change your lifestyle and your life with Phoenix Fit Life's rewarding longer-term fitness experiences.
Fitness Programmes
  • Phoenix Fit Life™ also has a range of programmes designed to guide you in attaining your specific fitness goals.

Private Training

All our resources are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to personal excellence. Selecting this mode entitles you to a devoted coach with one singular purpose, your success. This mode is suitable for individuals who value their privacy and wish for an enhanced private training experience.


Partnered Training

Selecting this mode also entitles you to a devoted coach, except that you share your session with 1 or 2 partners who aspire to similar goals. This mode is suitable for individuals who enjoy a more intimate social experience, as well as the added motivation and fun that may be derived from training with a partner.

Group Training

Our group training mode is for 4 or more people and is suitable for gregarious individuals seeking the fun, motivation and camaraderie of a large group session.

Don't dream to ride. Ride your Dream.

Phoenix Fit Life in proud association with Biker Bravado, presents a new exhilirating and more effective way of learning to ride and master your motorcycle.

Using the latest fitness trends, Bike Fit training sessions develop your physical strength and confidence to assist you in your rider training courses, which will provide you with the necessary techniques to master your motorcycle riding.

Looking for a taste of the two-wheeled life but nervous to get started?
Wanting to brush up on your fitness and riding skills? Well, then this package is perfect for you. Designed as a touch-up course for existing riders or for providing beginners with the physical and technical abilities to start riding a motorbike.

Courage. Desire. Singular in your pursuits?
Dauntless is the Bike Fit package for those who both need strength as well as beginner training to ride a bike. Your sessions are strategically and scientifically designed to ensure you gain the maximum physical and technical ability to achieve excellence, synergy and mastery between body, mind and machine. You will walk away from this package feeling safe, confident and excited at the prospect of roaring out of your garage riding your dream.

Already a biker? Do you struggle to support your neck at highway speeds?
Are you looking to develop strength and give yourself that extra edge on the track? You’ve come to the right place. Bike Fit Pro is the next evolution in biking and provides you with an enhanced set of physical and technical abilities to significantly improve your biking performance.

Join the revolution.

Get Bike Fit


In proud association with Biker Bravado.

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Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa.

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